スポーツ医学学位プログラムリーダー 髙橋英幸In modern society, the significance and role of sports are increasing not only in competitive sports but also in maintaining/promoting health and preventing/improving diseases. To maximize the effects of sports in any situation, it is indispensable to perform exercise/training, conditioning, rehabilitation, and injury/disability prevention based on scientific evidence. As a basis for creating the evidence, research in sports medicine or sports medical science is very important.

The Doctoral Program in Sports Medicine Degree Program aims to train researchers and advanced professionals who can play an active role in academia and society from the standpoint of sports medicine. This Program consists of three research fields: Medical Conditioning, Athletic Training, and Sports Translational, and awards a unique “Doctor of Philosophy (Sports Medicine)” degree. In particular, we have recently strengthened “translational = bridging”, which means applying basic research results to clinical and practical scenes or linking different fields.

In 2020, the University of Tsukuba was designated as a Designated National University, and its policy is to become a “truly comprehensive university”. In this context, this Doctoral Program will promote interdisciplinary collaboration that takes advantage of the Tsukuba Scientific City and a comprehensive university, while further enhancing the education and research environment. We will be committed to creating new knowledge and fostering excellent human resources for the next generation.

April 1st, 2021

Chairperson: TAKAHASHI Hideyuki, Ph.D.

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